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African, Chinese, Italian & Mexican Food
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about us

A simple philosophy that has become the foundation for a company whose name is reflective of its vision.

Clique Exports Pvt Ltd
Specialized in Caribbean, African, Jamaican, West Indian, Italian & Mexican Food

The belief that the finest and freshest ingredients create the best food products.

It is our mission, but more importantly our passion, to produce food products at Clique Exports Pvt Ltd that exceed consumer quality and taste expectations and deliver exemplary dining experiences. As a leader in food manufacturing, we recognize our responsibility to do so in a sustainable way and are committed to creating food products with better taste profiles that are all natural and present healthier choices for discriminating consumers.

The inspiration for all that we have created and do at Clique Exports Pvt Ltd is basically providing complete customer satisfaction at every level. We work together with our customers to create food products that the consuming public will enjoy eating and we specialize in producing branded, private label, co-packed and foodservice products that our customers can confidently deliver to their consumers.  I believe that we have created an unparalleled experience in the food industry and have elevated the standards of what both our customers and consumers deserve.

Private Label / Store Branded / Foodservice Products
Plant your seeds in our garden and watch your business grow!

Our expertise and product spectrum includes premium and super premium products in the following categories:

  • Barbeque Sauces & Seasonings
  • Fish & Meat Sauces
  • Herbal Tea
  • Marinades & Dressings

At Clique Exports Pvt Ltd our team of professionals are as passionate about food as you are about achieving your objectives with your private label, store branded, co-packed or foodservice products. Whether you have a single tier or multi-level focus, it is our goal to work with our customers to create products that:

  • Provide exclusive brand offerings and become destination products.
  • Grow and optimize categories sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty by consistently providing brand quality.

Our experienced team:

  • Can streamline the process of developing your products
  • Has expertise in matching recipes and reverse engineering existing formulas
  • Can create your own proprietary recipes beginning with one of our many base formulas or your scratch recipe
  • Can translate your recipes into shelf stable product and answer all your questions regarding ingredients and food safety
  • Conducts Ph testing and shelf life testing in-house
  • Can provide you with complete hot fill, cold fill and retort options and cost comparisons
  • Ensures a comprehensive infrastructure is in place to expedite all paperwork, order entry processing (EDI Capabilities) and logistics coordination

In addition we can simplify the packing process by:

  • Providing you with ingredient, nutritional and allergen statements.
  • Providing you with all certifications for your products.
  • Extending you our volume discounts for ingredient, glass and label options.
  • Recommending preferred suppliers for label printing.

Successful retailers know the valuable contribution private label and store branded products play when they operate in tandem with national brands. Private label presents strategic opportunities especially when supported with strong merchandising and ad support

  • Marketing research indicates that consumers switch brands not because of price but because of quality.

Whether you are exploring new manufacturing options or thinking about expanding your scope of product offerings we can help. We can assure you that when you plant your seeds in our garden you will enjoy watching your business grow!

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